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The recent vacancy in the Village ward of the Parish Council following the resignation of Cllr Jonathan Magill has been filled. At the Parish Council meeting on the 21st February Jon Theobald was co-opted on to the Council.

A notice of the vacancy will be posted on the council's website and noticeboards and the following process to fill the vacancy will be followed.

  • The Parish Council will notify the Returning Officer at Buckinghamshire Council of the vacancy.

  • The Returning Officer will send the Parish Council a notice which will be displayed for 14 working days, informing residents of the vacancy.

  • An election will be called if ten residents, who are registered to vote in the area where the vacancy has arisen, write to the Returning Officer requesting that an election be held.

If an election is called: The Returning Officer will set a date for polling day, and the election process will begin with the publication of a notice of election.

If an election is not called: The Parish Council may co-opt a Parish Councillor. This is a process whereby the Parish Council considers applications from interested persons. The process is outlined in Stoke Mandeville Parish Council's Co-option Policy.

Notice of Vacancy following the resignation of Cllr xxxx - NOTICE

If you would like to join the Parish Council please complete the form below.

Co-opted Councillor Application Form


There will be Parish Council elections in May 2025.

View the following document which explains what becoming a councillor entails - Become a Councillor

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