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Precept – Funding of the Parish Council

The work of Parish Councils is funded by the precept which is collected by the new Buckinghamshire Council through the Council Tax levy.

For 2024/25, Stoke Mandeville Parish Council’s precept will be £209,390 (2023/24 – £208,140). This will represent no change to an average Band D household of £71.48 per annum. The parish council was able to keep the council tax the same as 2023/24 due to the increase in tax base (number of residents liable to pay). The additional precept will enable the parish council to continue with the following projects:

  • completion of a Neighbourhood Plan to help to manage the future growth and development of our Parish

  • continued delivery of services devolved from Buckinghamshire Council with reducing subsidy

  • provide a community event for all the residents

  • development of a new burial ground in Marsh Lane for the Parish

  • improving the appearance and upkeep of the Parish

Fees and Charges

The Parish Council receives income from three other sources - Allotments, Burial Ground and the Playing Field. For a complete list of the fees and charges that apply, click HERE.

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