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The Parish Council is expanding its provision of defibrillators

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

The Parish Council is expanding its provision of defibrillators. We need prominent buildings where we can fit a cabinet on the wall and get a power supply and the Bull Pub in the village centre kindly agreed to let us place a cabinet on their front wall.

The parish council have been working with the landlord of Weston Way Industrial Estate. They had a defibrillator which was kept in one of the industrial units so it was only available during working hours and could have been difficult for the public to locate, so the parish council funded a cabinet and it is now available 24/7.

Stoke Mandeville Parish Council has provided three defibrillators and one cabinet for a privately owned defibrillator. These are situated as follows:

  • Outside the main entrances to Eskdale Road Community Centre

  • Outside the main entrances to Hawkslade Community Centre

  • Outside the Bull public house

  • Weston Way Industrial Estate off Lower Road

If you need to use one, ring 999 and quote the What3Words location on the cabinet and the ambulance service will give you the code to open the cabinet. Switch on the defibrillator and there will be spoken instructions telling you what to do.


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