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Last summer Stoke Mandeville Parish Council published its draft Neighbourhood Plan and asked residents to review and comment on it. Nearly 200 responses received. All comments received have, if applicable, been reflected in the draft Plan along with some amendments as a result of the VALP (Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan) being adopted.

In a Parish whose rural nature is under threat from housing allocations, HS2 and new road infrastructure, the Neighbourhood Plan cannot prevent development which will destroy the agricultural heart of the Parish.

However, its authors say they have done what they can to influence what can still be protected, such as the many local green spaces and open countryside, community facilities such as the Bucks Council Sports and Social Club site, and assets of historical or archaeological interest.

Alongside policies which attempt to preserve at least some open space in and around new housing estates, the Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has included policies to ensure that developers pay proper attention to traffic mitigation. Responding to residents’ frustration with constant traffic jams during rush hour, the policies require developers to provide specific safe and accessible pedestrian and cyclist routes through the Parish, along with other measures to decrease the bottlenecks in and outside the Parish.

Councillor Kirsty Shanahan, Chair of Stoke Mandeville Parish Council said, “While there is little we can do about the new housing and road developments in the Parish, we have taken on board the public’s strong views on preserving as much green space as possible, and we have attempted to mitigate the really terrible traffic congestion that the Parish suffers at peak times.”

“Now it is up to the Inspector to approve the Plan, but public support for the Plan counts for a lot, so we hope residents will take the time to add their support during the Regulation 16 Consultation process which is happening from now until 18 April,” Cllr Shanahan added.

Neighbourhood Plan signed off by Full Council - The Final Plan

The Plan was signed off by the Parish Council at its September meeting, which meant it could be submitted to Buckinghamshire Council for review by an independent inspector before the Council is in a position to present the Plan to residents in the way of the Referendum.


Below are all the Evidence Papers that have been prepared to accompany the Plan.

  • Housing & Population - Paper

  • Identity & Community Cohesion - Paper 

  • Issues of Local Concern - Paper

  • Neighbourhood Development - Paper

  • Oxford - Cambridge Growth Corridor - Paper

  • Public Facilities - Paper

  • Roads & Transport Infrastructure - Paper

  • Vision Methodology - Paper

  • Biodiversity & Climate Change - Paper

  • Business & Farming - Paper

  • Community Facilities - Paper

  • Conservation Area - Paper

  • Designated Green Open Spaces - Paper

  • Green Infrastructure - Paper

  • Heritage Assets - Paper

  • History of Stoke Mandeville - Paper

  • Consultation Statement - Here

  • Basic Conditions Statement - Here

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) - Here

  • SEA and HRA Screening - Here

  • Consultation Feedback - April 2017 - Here

  • Consultation Feedback - December 2018 - Here

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